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Accused Of Taking Someone Else’s Property? Let Us Help Protect Your Rights And Future.

Having burglary and theft charges brought against you can alter the direction of your life — tarnishing your reputation, impacting future employment and even landing you in prison. Attorney John Hunter Smith will approach your defense with the same high level of commitment he brings to every case — whether you are accused of a spontaneous act of shoplifting or aggravated car robbery.

Attorney John Hunter Smith is Board Certified in Criminal Law, and he has been named among the National Trial Lawyers Association Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys.

Put Wynne, Smith & Young, PLLC On Your Side Today

We have extensive experience defending people who have been accused of felony theft, armed robbery, grand theft auto, possession of stolen property, breaking and entering, embezzlement, and burglary.

The severity of such charges can escalate if a weapon was used, someone was assaulted, or you are a government contractor or in public service, so it is essential to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your case sooner rather than later — especially if you have prior convictions.

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