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Below are testimonials from clients and colleagues. To speak with an experienced attorney about your case, please call us in Sherman at 903-893-8177 or complete our contact form.

Personal Injury And Business Law

The Best

Mike Wynne is simply the best. He is incredibly prepared and treats all cases big or small with the same tenacity. Mike has instincts like a poker player and reads people and situations with the best of them. He is one of the few people I know who is Board Certified in two areas. I know Mike personally and he really cares about people. I trust him and his heart.


Outstanding Attorney

Mike is an outstanding attorney whom I give my highest recommendation. I have both worked with Mike and referred him cases over the last 20 years and can attest that he is highly respected by judges and fellow attorneys as well as having very satisfied clients. Whether you are seeking counsel or referring clients, you cannot do better than having Mike on your side of the table.


Criminal Defense And DWI

Great Attorney

Mr. Smith was my attorney in a felony case where I was facing jail time. Mr. Smith took time with me to go over every aspect of my case, he also worked diligently in getting things in my past in another state thrown out. He is very detailed and meticulous in his work and is a very skilled trial attorney. He is very honest and upfront about everything and he follows through on his word. He was a life-saver for me and he also has an assistant named April who was very kind and assisting. The whole staff there are very accommodating and even his partner Mr. Wynne came by and helped with jury selection and that was something I was also very appreciative of. I would recommend Mr. Smith to anyone looking for an honest and compassionate attorney. Thank you for everything Mr. Smith.


Outstanding Defense Lawyer

Mr. Smith was my defense lawyer for the last 3 1/2 years! Mr. Smith stayed up on things, always kept me in the know on what was going on and was going to happen. He always made sure everything was in my best interest even if it didn’t seem like it at the time. He is a very thorough attorney and great at what he does. I highly recommend anyone that is needing a defense attorney that will go above and beyond to win for his client.


DWI / Multiple charges

When I meet John I was terrified for my life. He met with me in jail, asked if I wanted to get help and I said yes, that’s when we began the process of planning on getting the proper help I needed. It was definitely a process, I followed directions and took his expert advice and it was a life changing event for me. I cannot explain into words what this guy did for me, this guy is by far the most experienced and best attorney in North Texas, and he went his extra mile to get the results and the right help I needed to change my life around for the better. I would highly recommend this guy for any drug charges DWIs or criminal. He is the best they make them. Thank you again John.


The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

John Hunter Smith has been a blessing to my family. I highly recommend his services. Not only him but all his staff was amazing. He is truly committed to his job and is very passionate about what he does. I never had any doubts about my Fathers case; he was very honest with me and always looked out for our best interest. He is the type of attorney you know will do everything he can to defend you and he makes sure you know that as his client. We were looking at 25 years or more in federal prison. In about 7 months after hiring John my dad was home. I know that every case different but I was thrilled with the outcome.


Felony Aggravated Assault Charges

Mr. Smith was able to have my 2nd and 3rd degree aggravated assault charges due to a vehicle collision reduced to a misdemeanor DWI. Mr. Smith explained the process and possible avenues to properly resolve the issue. After reviewing the evidence Mr. Smith was able to work with the DA to come to an acceptable conclusion without going to court. I was very satisfied with the result and point to Mr. Smith’s expertise in these matters as being the determining factor in the outcome. Mr. Smith and his staff were professional at all times and were very interested in insuring I was fully comfortable and informed about the process and what to expect. I would highly recommend Mr. Smith and his firm in these matters.


Texoma’s Number One Defense Lawyer

John Hunter Smith is one incredible lawyer. I spoke with about five lawyers before I found John. He kept me informed with what was going on in my case. Always answered my calls and very up front with me. He personally took care of me and made sure that my career would not be jeopardized because of the charges. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that has charges that could damage their future.