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Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers For People Accused Of Drug Possession

In Texas, marijuana, heroin, Ecstasy (MMDA/Molly), PCP, LSD and cocaine are classified as controlled dangerous substances (CDS) — and so are the compounds used to manufacturer them.

Depending on the drug and the amounts, charges and penalties can range from a relatively small fine and months of jail time to fines closer to $100,000 and a lifetime sentence. Even conviction on lesser charges can lead to driver’s license suspension and seizure of your car or property, not to mention a criminal record that will follow you throughout your life.

The state must prove the drugs were found on you or in your control after a LEGAL search. You need an experienced drug possession lawyer to build a case challenging the legality of the search, effectively suppressing the evidence so the state can’t prove its case. If you have been charged with possession of controlled substances, call us right away to discuss how we can help.

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