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Texas Attorneys Providing White Collar Criminal Defense

Fighting federal white collar crime charges in court is serious business, and at Wynne, Smith & Young, PLLC, we have a great deal of experience doing just that.

We have successfully defended clients accused of securities fraud, mail and tax fraud, SEC crimes such as investment fraud and Ponzi schemes, international money laundering, embezzlement, extortion, public corruption, and other white collar crime.

Choosing the right white collar crime lawyer to represent you is imperative and should happen as soon as you realize you are being investigated. Your rights, freedom and future are riding on the outcome, so call us as soon as possible.

Not every criminal defense firm handles complex federal charges. We do.

Contact Wynne, Smith & Young, PLLC

Don’t wait to contact us if you believe you are under investigation or if you are already facing charges. To speak with an experienced federal crime defense lawyer, call us in Sherman at 903-893-8177 or complete our contact form. We represent clients throughout North Texas.