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Defense Against Sex Crime Allegations

Cases involving any kind of sexual abuse, from rape to child molestation to pornography, seem to mean “guilty until proven innocent” for the accused. But the facts in these cases aren’t always as straightforward as portrayed by the prosecution.

All too often, someone who did nothing wrong is accused of something horrific: consensual sex becomes a claim of sexual assault or date rape; claims of child molestation are used as weapons in a messy divorce; an overprotective parent wants to keep his 17-year-old-daughter away from her 18-year-old boyfriend; an undercover internet detective sets you up in a solicitation sting operation.

Sex crime charges are disturbing for all parties involved, and particularly nightmarish for those falsely accused. A wrongful conviction can have lasting consequences including a lifetime stigma as a registered sex offender. At Wynne, Smith & Young, PLLC, our sex crime defense attorneys will do all we can to help prove your innocence and clear your name of devastating allegations.

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