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Which drugs can lead to felony charges in Texas?

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Texas does have some harsh drug possession or distribution penalties, but the kinds of penalties you could face will depend on the specific drugs you’re caught with. Drugs in Penalty Group 1 are regulated tightly by the state, so they have the harshest penalties.

Drugs in Penalty Group 1 should not be possessed without specific permissions, so getting caught with them could lead to significant charges and penalties.

What kinds of drugs are in Penalty Group 1?

The drugs you’ll find in this group include some opiates as well as their isomers, ethers, salts, and other forms. A few of the drugs that are specifically found within the group include:

  • Methadol
  • Phenadoxone
  • Tilidine
  • Trimeperidine
  • Codeine-N-Oxide
  • Heroin
  • Normorphine
  • Thebacon
  • Granulated opium

You can find a full list of the Group 1 drugs here, so you have a better understanding of which drugs could lead to the harshest penalties in the state.

What kinds of penalties can you face for possessing these drugs?

Depending on the case, there are a few kinds of charges and penalties you could face. Penalties for Group 1 possession with an intent to deliver may include a state jail felony if you possess less than a gram and up to two years imprisonment. For up to 4 grams of the substance, you could face up to 20 years in prison and a 2nd degree felony.

The penalties get more severe as additional quantities of the drugs are found.

What can you do to fight the charges?

If you are facing drug charges but believe that you should not be, you have the option to fight back. A good criminal defense will look at the kinds of drugs you may have had in your possession or the circumstances leading up to the accusation and arrest. Sometimes, mistakes are made by the police or other authorities, and identifying those errors could help you walk free. At the same time, in cases where there is good evidence against you, there are still methods to help minimize the penalties that you could face upon conviction. Your goal should be to learn more and to put together a strong defense against the charges.