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Broken bones may cost more than people expect after a crash

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Personal Injury

When people discuss the kinds of expensive injuries that may be caused by a car crash, they often focus on the most catastrophic injuries possible. Brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, as well as amputations, are often what people worry about the most.

Many other painful injuries may not receive the attention and respect that they deserve. People can be downright dismissive about injuries that don’t seem as severe as the worst injuries possible. Broken bones or fractures are a perfect example. Most people expect that they will make a full recovery after they break a bone in a car crash. They often fail to understand how severe broken bones could actually be and how much they can end up costing.

How much does a broken bone cost?

The basic treatment for a simple fracture will often only amount to a few thousand dollars. People need X-rays and bone-setting services. They may require a few physical therapy sessions after the removal of the cast. Those sessions will help them regain lost muscle tone and range of motion.

Other fractures will cost far more to treat because they are more significant. Bones can break into multiple small pieces that require reinforcement and surgical treatment. They can also damage the muscles and skin or organs nearby, as is the case with open or compound fractures. These situations often require surgery and will extend someone’s recovery timeline.

Broken bones that require surgery or extensive physical therapy may cost tens of thousands of dollars to treat. They will also affect someone’s ability to work. Employees in service professions or blue-collar jobs may need to go weeks away from work when they break a bone. Their lost wages can significantly increase the total financial impact that the broken bone has on them.

In rare cases, broken bones can lead to permanent or even progressive medical conditions that will forever impact someone’s functional abilities. The worse a fracture is and the longer it takes someone to fully recover, the more likely their costs are to go beyond what someone’s insurance will pay.

Having a realistic understanding of the financial impact an injury could inspire can help people better manage car insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits after a wreck. Seeking legal guidance can provide clarity in this regard.