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Can you get a DWI from drugs?

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Criminal Defense

You may not have realized it, but did you know that you could get a DWI from drug use? Driving while impaired or intoxicated charges can happen if you’re using drugs, drinking alcohol or ingesting any other kind of substance and get stopped by an officer for driving dangerously.

The important thing to remember in these cases is that people all make mistakes. You deserve an opportunity to defend yourself and to fight for the freedoms that you have.

Can you get a DWI from taking prescription medications?

Yes, you can get a DWI from taking prescription medications. Even though you have a prescription, driving dangerously while on a substance can lead to serious charges and penalties. For example, if you take sleeping aids and attempt to drive while you’re still drowsy, you could be accused of a DWI and end up facing penalties.

Can you get a DWI from illicit drugs?

Yes, you can get a DWI from taking illicit drugs and then driving. Remember that illicit drugs are illegal, so if you are caught using them and driving, you could face a DWI as well as other drug-related charges. This could mean facing multiple charges and significant penalties that could land you in prison or result in heavy fines.

Whether you are a college-aged student or working adult, it’s important for you to understand that a DWI could result in serious penalties. DWIs aren’t only linked to drunk driving. Impaired driving of any kind could result in these charges as well.

A DWI is serious, so face it head-on

A DWI is a serious charge with potentially life-changing penalties. You could face fines of up to $2,000 for a first or second offense, and you could also end up in jail. There could be a requirement to go to alcohol education classes, and other fines could also add up.

Take the time to learn more about your rights. You deserve an opportunity to fight for your license and freedoms. Defending yourself is your right, and you should exercise it if you’re accused of drugged driving or other DWI offenses.